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Inner peace with ease: Learn to meditate today!

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An introduction to meditation with 5 easy steps to follow for a successful meditation practice

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A Sacred Life

Welcome to join me in the discovery of the sacredness of every aspect of life.

Your body is sacred, your thoughts are sacred, your feelings and desires are sacred and everything you touch, see, hear, smell and sense are sacred.

You are a sacred being, but oftentimes we have forgotten. I am here to help you remember, heal and blossom into your fullest expression.

A sacred life is a life in dedication and devotion to ones own growth; emotionally, cognitively and spiritually.

Imagine how it would feel to know yourself to be full and complete and to love and accept yourself and others on all levels?

This is true freedom.

Hi, I'm Lovisa!

Teaching you how to become more present. self-compassionate and loving. My hearts desire is to see you heal and bloom!

Combining almost a decade of Vedic Wisdom Teachings (Advaita Vedanta) with the subtle field awareness of Biodynamic Healing, powerful processes for re-programming the subconscious, Feminine Embodiment and Healing Meditation, my group containers and 1:1 work is for women who are ready to brake through the ceiling and experience massive shifts in their lives.

Is that you?


Compassion & Care

In order to heal and expand into the fullness of who we truly are, we need safety.

Instead of trying to push away our undesired emotions and behavorial patterns, we can choose to embrace and inquire. This leads to healing on a deep level and to true transformation.

You came here with a purpose.

As the veils of conditioning drop and you bloom in full expression, aligning to that purpose is inevitable.


How I can help you

Relaxed holiday

The vacation is finally here and all that is between you and that completely relaxed holiday mode is...

A lot, right?

With this 7-day meditation course you will be able to let go, wind down and fully relax into a holiday of presence and joy together with your loved ones!

Holistic Healing

6 weeks to becoming your own best friend, releasing trauma and stored emotion from your body as well as connecting to yourself on a spiritual level.

If you are ready to heal and grow, this self paced course is for you!

Mum Love

As a pregnant mother of two I know how tricky it can be to find the space and sense of worthiness to take care of yourself.

But truth is, when you do, you can show up as an even better mother!

This is the membership that will make sure you treat yourself with love and care, day by day, month by month.

"You want to change others, so that you can be free. But it never works that way.

Accept others totally and you are free."



The path of Self Love

The holistic guide to loving-kindness and self worth for women looking to transform their lives!

What does it really mean to love yourself and how can you embody a life of devotion, deep connection and self-compassion?

This e-book with integrated practices and meditations will guide you to a life filled of deeper purpose, joy and love!


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